Long-time AILA advocate, Judy Golub, predicts in Texas Civil Rights Review, that we will have CIR by October or not at until 2009. CIR, of course, is the broad-ranging Comprehensive Immigration Reform passed by last year’s Congress. Golub’s comments reflect the reality that no Presidential candidiates will want immigration reform as a significant campaign issue.

Golub also lays out a “get what we can” scenario. Readers of HLG’s blog should note that the Healthcare lobby’s current approach is best be described as a “hope for CIR,” but plan for “get what you can.” Accordingly a three-tiered “get what you can” approach is being used:

1. Attach to the Feb. 15 CR: Odds = 20%

2. Stand-alone 90,000 Schedule A Recapture this spring: Odds = 75%

3. Attach to the Spring Iraq War Funding Bill: Odds = 50%

As always this is an extremely fluid situation. HLG does it’s best to report what we are hearing — good or bad. The odds can change at a moment’s notice. The only way to impact the odds is to contact one’s Congressional representatives and to get all of your friends and neighbors to do likewise.