Earlier this week, the USCIS released its Spring 2019 Unified Regulatory Agenda which provides a glimpse into the future and describes the regulatory initiatives that the Administration is planning to promulgate or is working on drafting. Some of these identified will ultimately be released while others may never see publication. The timing is also subject to change and delays are common. The earliest we expect to see any additional information on items 3-7 is the fall. The below is a list of immigration related items:

1. Elimination of the H-4 EAD (expected to be released very soon, possibly as early as next week) More info. here
2. Modernization of the EB5 program More info. here
3. New definition of “specialty occupation” and “employer-employee relationship” and “employment” More info. here
4. Change in wage requirements for H-1b workers
5. Increase in filing fees for petitions
6. Elimination of concurrent filing of I-140/485
7. Establish filing fees for H-1b lottery cases to be filed on April 1, 2020 More info. here

Given the Administration’s open hostility to US employers and legal immigration, the above agenda is concerning. Hopefully, incompetency will derail this agenda. As with all proposed regulations, we will have an opportunity to review and provide comment. We will keep you updated as developments occur.