The House is expected to vote tomorrow on the Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act of 2019. This bill would remove the per country limits from the green card quotas thereby significantly reducing the wait times for those from India and China. The flip side is that it would lengthen the wait time for everyone else without further amendments. The House version has 311 co-sponsors and is expected to pass in spite of strong and vocal opposition from the Stephen Milleresque Republicans (aka white nationalists and anti legal immigration camp)Check out but one example of the right wing propaganda being raised in opposition to the bill here. A somewhat more balanced perspective (in spite of its tendencies) can be found here. The White House has not expressed an opinion on this particular bill however, the current immigrant visa system is not consistent with the plan President Trump had his son in law (fresh off of bringing peace to the middle east) unveil to the sound of crickets a few months ago. The Senate version of the bill failed to move forward last week halted by Senator Rand Paul however, his opposition was not to the principles of the bill but to the reality that it would destroy immigration for Registered Nurses. If this bill passes the House, it is expected to be revived in the Senate. Its passage remains murky but, at least the issue is being considered.