The Republican side is even more muddled. Any of five candidates could win the national primary: Giuliani, Romney, Thompson, McCain, and Huckabee. Neither Giuliani nor Thompson, whose campaign seems to be waning, figures to finish high in Iowa. Giuliani still is expected to contend when the national primaries start in late January and February.

The Republicans have traditionally been the US’ ‘law and order’ party (candidate Fred Thompson was an actor on the TV program, “Law and Order”). The Republican candidates have been much more vocal in calling for a fence along the Mexican border and the deportation of the estimated 12-15 million illegal and undocumented.

McCain is the most overtly-friendly candidate on the issue of immigration. Giuliani is also generally seen as immigration friendly. Thompson has called for the reduction of visa backlogs.

Romney and Huckabee are thought to be more restrictionist than the others. Click below to read for yourself:

Romney’s Immigration Position

McCain’s Immigration Position

Huckabee’s Immigration Position

Thompson’s Immigration Position

Giuliani’s Immigration Position