The Public Charge rule goes into effect on Oct 15, 2019 and most in the business immigration arena expected to feel little to no effect however, the USCIS has yet to publish the new forms to be used and as a result, cases that use the I-129 (H,L,O, etc); I-539 (dependents); and, the I-485 (permanent residency) can not be filed after Fri Oct 11th (Mon. Oct 14th is a Federal Holiday) . The USCIS web-site has posted the following “On Aug. 14, 2019, DHS published a final rule on the public charge ground of inadmissibility (see section 212(a)(4) of the Immigration and Nationality Act). The final rule becomes effective Oct. 15, 2019. What to Know About Sending Us Your Form The current edition of the form, dated 1/31/2019 •We will accept the current edition of this form if it is postmarked on or before Oct. 14. •We will not accept it if it is postmarked on or after Oct. 15. The updated edition of the form On or after Oct. 15, we will accept only an updated edition that will be linked to this page. “

Yesterday, the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) filed a federal lawsuit seeking to enjoin the USCIS from refusing to accept the current forms until they have released the new forms. More updates to follow.