For those of you who need a bid of levity this morning and a break from the news of coronavirus, stock market plunging, retrogression, and shortened H-1b approval notices, take a look at this decision A U.S. Federal Court declared the appointment of acting USCIS Director, Ken Cuccinelli illegal and referenced Dwight of The Office. Judge Moss pointed out that “there may well be a difference between one who serves as ‘the assistant regional manager’ and ‘the assistant to the regional manager.’ But either way, that person is, at best, second in command. Here, the acting secretary created a position that is second in command in name only.” In keeping with their philosophy for an outright disregard for the rule of law, the administration is ignoring this ruling and Cuccinelli remains. Policy memos and directives put into effect during the Cucinnelli tenure may all be at risk of being struck down.