Quick update on the CTIHS meetings. We’re still pushing hard for an amendment this year, ideally in the 1Q of 2008. It may be very difficult in light of the Presidential politics that are certain to dominate the landscape.

That having been said, most of the big staffing , law firms, and our allies in healthcare have re-committed to continuing the push and are pledging substantial time and money to the effort in early 2008.

We don’t know for sure what will happen in 2008, but we do know that without this re-commitment it will not happen.

Meetings have already been set up with the team of lobbyists and with Congressional staffers. Indeed, the first Congressional meeting happened yesterday, which should give everyone an idea just how committed we are to the legislation. We’re coming right out of the gate.

We are always looking for additional staffing companies, recruiters, and health care facilities to join the cause. If you are interested, please email Chris Musillo. For details on the program for 08, please see this.