Everyone wants us to put on our genie’s hat, gaze into our crystal ball, and try to predict what is going to happen in the next few months. So here it goes…

Congress is set to debate CIR in May. HLG thinks that there is a reasonable chance that one house of Congress passes CIR in the May/June timeframe. And that the other house of Congress passes another CIR in June/July. With some negotiation, a compromise CIR bill could be on the president’s desk by the middle of the summer – say July.

In addition, we are also actively courting the bridge legislation that we’ve mentioned many times. HLG was privy to a meeting that took place just this week with a senior staffer in an important Senator’s office. The challenge here is to find the right must-pass legislation that can serve as a host.

Putting this all together HLG is slightly raising our latest estimate. We’re willing to print that there is a 60% chance that either CIR or Bridge legislation is passed and signed by the President by August 1. Whenever a bill is passed it will likley take an additional 30-60 days before the first visas are issued.