Immigration Seminar

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HLG will be hosting a free teleconference on Thurs. May 14th at 11:00 am eastern to discuss some recent changes in the immigration laws and policies relative to H-1b visas and PERM applications and also to provide updates on several misc. topics impacted by COVID-19. The seminar will specifically focus on the IT and engineering staffing market but, information will be provided that is relevant to all employers that have international workers. Register here.

The impact to H-1b visas of “Buy American Hire American”

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The USCIS is hosting a public feedback call today to explore how the President's Executive Order of "Buy American Hire American" will impact the adjudication of visas without the enactment of new legislation. (there is something inherently un-American about that preceding statement but, alas, it is our current reality) Registration is free. We will be providing a summary after.

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