Anita Smalley

Anita Smalley is an associate in the Cincinnati office. Prior to joining Hammond Neal Moore, Anita attended law school at Salmon P. Chase College of Law in Northern Kentucky. Throughout law school, she clerked for an immigration attorney where she petitioned for clients in employment and asylum cases. Many clients were fleeing their countries to escape dangerous conditions and were seeking employment in the United States to begin better lives. Anita enjoyed working with clients and guiding them through different immigration procedures. Immigrant matters involve life changing circumstances, so it has always been neat for Anita to be involved in such an important and relevant field. She has always enjoyed celebrating good news with clients when applications are approved and has always been honored to be a part of such a rewarding field of law.

Anita became passionate about immigration law while volunteering in the English as a Second Language Program at her church. Over the past several years she has volunteered as an English teacher and as a citizenship teacher at her church. Anita has been able to develop close relationships with her students, and it has been during this time that she learned of the complexities and hardships involved with immigration. Since her involvement with the English as a Second Language Program, Anita has always searched for opportunities to expand her legal knowledge of immigration and looks forward to remaining involved in this field so that she can best help those around her with their immigration concerns.

Outside of work, Anita enjoys spending time with her family and the children she babysits. Anita teaches the 4th – 6th grade Sunday School class at her church and loves taking the children on different adventures each month. She has taken classes to concerts, bowling, sledding, laser-tag, etc. and probably has more fun at each activity than the kids.

Anita was adopted when she was seven years old, so she has always had a great appreciation for family and spends most of her time with them. Anita’s family enjoys attending and serving at church together, going to the movies, and eating Sunday dinner together. Adoption has been the greatest blessing to Anita and has given her a passion to help others. You will find Anita looking for opportunities to care for and support others whether it is spending time with the students she teaches at church or helping clients fulfill their immigration needs.

Salmon P. Chase College of Law (J.D.)
University of Cincinnati (B.A.)

Supreme Court of Ohio (2019)