There is a small window of opportunity for healthcare retrogression to be solved and we need your help. If ANYONE has a personal relationship with any of the following Senators please immediately contact HLG’s Chris Musillo (, (513) 381-2011 Ext. 223).

Edward M. Kennedy
Joseph R. Biden, Jr.
Herb Kohl
Dianne Feinstein
Russell D. Feingold
Charles E. Schumer
Harry Reid

The government’s current Continuing Resolution continues federal funding until February 15, 2007. At that time, another funding bill must be passed. Similarly there is an Iraq War funding bill set to be acted on this Spring. Legislators have traditionally allowed urgent legislation to be attached to funding bills like these.

We have made inroads with many of these members’ staffs. A personal relationship with one of the Senators would likely be enough to secure a Schedule A retrogression amendment as an attachment to one of these two bills.

The current strategy is to obtain a small Schedule A retrogression amendment (anywhere from 15,000 – 90,000 visas) in the Spring; we will then push for a permanent Schedule A retrogression amendment (Brownback amendment) whenever Congress considers Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Our contacts tell us that Congressional leadership is willing to allow the Brownback amendment as part of CIR.

But for now we have this small opportunity to secure 15,000 – 90,000 visas. Please contact Chris if you have any personal relationship with these Senators or even their most senior staff.