20 Year Anniversary Letter to Our Clients

An Open Letter to our Clients and Friends

Wow ! Twenty years ! It is hard to believe but, this past summer, we celebrated our twenty-year anniversary. A lot has changed in those twenty years but more importantly, a lot has stayed the same. We are a firm that still values the ownership mentality in its workers and still believes the best way to keep an existing client happy and to earn the trust of a new one is to reach out and touch them. When I was sitting down to write this letter, I re-read my letter from ten years ago and I was pleased that I could still honestly say that the number one factor in our continued success was the people that have entered our lives and touched us. If you will please indulge me for a few moments, I’d like to thank some of the people who have made the last twenty years possible.

I want to start by thanking the “Franklin gang” who has been with me since the early days Sherry, Rita, Glenn, and Eroica. I’d also like to add Kimi to that mix because once you exceed ten years, it’s as if you have been here since Franklin. You guys are this place. And I guess we have to include Dwight and Shawn at this point because you were there in the beginning and now you are back and though you may have lost your way and tried to live on the outside, you have found your way back home. Thanks. I’d also like to offer a special thanks to those clients that have either been with us from the beginning or at some point, became our champions and have contributed so much with your confidence, referrals, suggestions, and love: Jeetan, Anita, Corazon, Ed, Patty, Liz, Brian, Ken, and Michelle. Thanks you built this place. I’d also like to say thanks to some great colleagues from other firms that are always willing to listen to me whine about how unfair the USCIS examiners are being, discuss some crazy idea that I have concocted or just share in our connected paths. Mark and David, David N, Greg S, and Michael P. Thanks guys! Here’s to the next AILA event! There are also some former employees that have chosen new paths but we appreciate your contributions to our firm and miss you and wish you well. Sue, Lynna, Michaela, Sandy, Kim, Candi, Lisa, Steve A., Judy, Jamie (your compassion inspires us), Wendy (RIP), Rita M, Chris, and Kathryn. Thanks we would not be who we are today without your contributions. And to our existing team, you make this place thrive and we are excited to have you share in our journey. Thanks for your efforts. I’d also like to say thanks to Kare and Wayne, friends, I raise my glass to our adventures continuing. Lastly, I’d like to say thanks to my family, to my kids Ben and Kelsey who spent many a day and night at the office in the early years and even to this day are called upon to do some dirty work, moving furniture and cleaning out old files. We are building a legacy as my grandson Jax, at 16 mos. carried library books during our last move. Thanks for your love and support and understanding. To my parents and my aunts and uncles, you remain an inspiration and an encouragement to me. Thanks.

As we enter our third decade, we do so with great excitement as we anticipate what lies ahead. We appreciate you, our existing clients and friends being a part of our intertwined lives. We pledge to continue throwing starfish back each day and we appreciate those days when we are the starfish and you have tossed us back.

Thanks Mike