Note about Senate action:

You may be reading on other websites about several immigration amendments that were attached yesterday to the Senate Appop.’s bill. Our bill has been attached too! We’re still finalizing some information before we make a formal post.

Note about NVC:

With the recent Visa Bulletins moving in fits and starts, HLG knows that many of its clients have been contacting the NVC regarding the status of their cases. If you are an HLG client, you may contact the NVC using the 24 hour automated customer service line. But please keep in mind that it is essential that the NVC have one point of contact. If you are an HLG client, that point of contact should be HLG.

So HLG clients should not contact the NVC via email or speaking directly with a representative. Contacting the NVC directly can actually cause a delay in the processing of your case. If you have any questions or concerns about your case, please contact the legal assistant or attorney who is working on your case. You can, of course, also contact your company contact.