Green Cards

NVC Issues Termination Letters in Error

Recently, the National Visa Center (NVC) issued letters to immigrant visa applicants stating that proceedings to terminate the visa application will commence, or that […]

Should I Be Concerned If A New Employee Presents A Green Card That Hasn’t Been Signed?

You may have had this question if you were presented with a green card that didn’t have the usual signature on the front and […]

How Long Can I Work On My EAD After My I-485 Is Denied?

When an individual receives an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) in connection with the filing of an application to adjust status in the United States, […]

When Do I Actually Become A Permanent Resident Of The United States?

Many people are confused with regard to when they actually become permanent residents of the United States when their cases are processed at US […]

What Is The Packet That I Am Given At The US Consulate During My Green Card Interview And What Am I Supposed To Do With It?

At the conclusion of your interview at the US Consulate abroad, for a permanent resident green card, if you’re application is approved, the officer […]

Can My Employer Revoke My Green Card After I Have Arrived In The US And Begun Working For My Employer?

The answer to this question is absolutely not, unless you have committed some fraud in the filing of the petition which might lead it […]

Can I Switch Employers After My I-140 Is Approved But Before I Have My Green Card?

If you have an approved I-140 with a retrogressed priority date, then you are always eligible for an extension of time pursuant to the […]

Can I Get An F-1 Student Visa If I Have An I-140 Petition Pending Or Approved?

This is a great question, especially in light of the fact that for so many of the EB-2 and EB-3 categories, the wait list […]

Do I Have To Get A Green Card For My Spouse?

As strange as this question may sound, we are in fact asked this on a fairly regular basis. One’s first reaction upon hearing this […]

Retrogression Series: I Got Divorced During The Time That My Priority Date Was Retrogressed, Do I Need To Notify The NVC?

This post is part of a series about what to do while your Priority Date is retrogressed, once you have received your I-140 Approval […]