File May 19, 11 00 07 AM

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley has asked the Trump administration to evaluate whether the TN visa program undermines the President’s efforts to protect the American work force.

He suggested that the administration should consider renegotiating the TN visa program because he believes that it is being used by American businesses to import “cheap foreign labor” into the United States.

In the letter which Grassely sent to U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer asking for the inquiry he noted that State Department records show a steady increase in the number of TN visas issued in recent years: 11,207 in 2014, 13,093 in 2015 and 14,768 in 2016.

Current reporting on the ongoing NAFTA (the treaty which creates TN visas) negotiations with Canada indicate they have not been going well. We can only hope the Administration does not scrap the program altogether, as many US healthcare facilities rely on TN workers to staff their facilities.

We are also not entirely convinced hoards of Canadians are coming to the US to work on the cheap. Our experience int he healthcare field is that most Canadians demand the same or higher wages than US workers. We haven’t seen any of them willing to come work for low wages. Maybe they do in other fields, but certainly not in healthcare.