On Sunday, October 9, 2017, the Trump Administration sent a list of immigration priorities for legislation to Congress. Included in the list, amongst demands for the border wall and an end to sanctuary cities, were a few priorities related to employment-based immigration.

Of note, the list calls for:

  • Requiring all U.S. employers to be required to use DHS’ E-Verify system, including penalties for failure to comply
  • Reclassifying visa overstays as a misdemeanor crime
  • Requiring the cancellation of all nonimmigrant visas when any one nonimmigrant visa held by that alien is cancelled
  • Barring all visa overstays from immigration benefits for a certain period of time with no waiver
  • Establishing a new points-based system for green cards based on factors that allow individuals to successfully assimilate and support themselves financially

The list has already been denounced by several Democratic leaders in Congress.

In a call, White House aides described the priorities as necessary to protect public safety and jobs for American-born workers, which was central to President Trump’s campaign.