Are you interested in recruiting international nurses but don’t want to wait for long delays for priority dates to become current before your nurses can come to the US to begin working? Have you been looking in Canada? If you not, you should be!

Canadian citizen nurses are eligible to enter the US on TN visas and work in the US while green card cases are pending on their behalf. TN visas are easily obtained for qualified nurses and are valid for up to three years at a time, not to mention they are incredibly cost effective.

If you do not know where to find Canadian nurses, we strongly suggest you consider attending a Health Careers Interaction Career fair in Toronto. The next one is scheduled for October 29th and 30th in downtown Toronto, and will be attended by a significant number of Canadian RN’s, as well as other healthcare professionals.

Below is a flyer which basic information and a way to contact the fair’s organizer, The Marskell Group. We strongly recommend attending this fair.

Attorneys from Hammond Law Group LLC will be there to provide advice to US exhibitors and attendees. We’d love to see you there!