File May 19, 11 00 07 AM
On Thursday the White House notified Congress that it intends to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). This notice opens a 90 day window for the President to consult with US lawmakers about ways in which NAFTA should be changed.

The White House indicated it intends to begin negotiations with Mexico and Canada 90 days after the notice was given, which would mean the negotiations would start some time in August of this year, and hopes to complete the negotiations by the end of the year.

This agreement between the US, Canada, and Mexico covers a broad range of trade-related issues, although most specifically for healthcare professionals, it is the agreement which created the TN visa.

While President Trump has made numerous comments about getting rid of NAFTA altogether, or at the least drastically revising it, an early draft of proposed changes as well as comments made by US trade representatives suggest the changes may be more consistent with updating and modifying the agreement to improve its usefulness, as opposed to drastically modifying it or scrapping it altogether.

It is our belief (and hope) that we will not see significant changes, if any, to the TN visa provisions of the agreement.

We will monitor developments closely and report on any proposed changes which would affect healthcare professionals as soon as we learn of them.